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Foodie Friday’s

We recently started Foodie Friday’s in our Sioux City office. This month Skip Perley, President/CEO, Barney Pottebaum, General Manager of Thompson Electric Sioux City, Jason Glover, General Manager of Thompson Automation and Specialty Services and Tasha Barker, General Manager of Electric Innovations created a St. Patrick’s lunch that included corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and a meatless stew.

Each month volunteers will work together to plan, prep and cook a meal for at least 60 people. This gives everyone the opportunity to get to know each other, work together and have fun!

This was the first of many Foodie Friday’s, it was a great celebration of 5 years in our awesome location. This start of a new tradition will bring all of the companies together for an amazing meal. It also brings excitement for what the future has in store for all of the companies.

We are excited for the next Foodie Friday!

fleX – Future Leaders Excelling Graduation 2017


The inaugural fleX Class of 2017 have become graduates after 9 months of study.  During this time these individuals learned all aspects of business, leadership skills, and project management techniques while working in real life situations.  They encountered real life scenario’s set up to help them understand and learn firsthand about how to work and negotiate with a variety of people.

These graduates included Nick Hoffman, Dillan Malloy, Brice Sayler and Tyler Walsh.  The graduation included the instructors from the year and the graduate’s families.

The fleX Program started on September 8th and ended on May 18th, 2017, and Graduation Day ended with a celebratory dinner and award ceremony. Congratulations to the graduates of 2017.

Green Energy Challenge


In 2009, a five-person team of students from Iowa State’s civil, construction and environmental engineering department decided to participate in the “Green Energy Challenge”. The Students, who were members of the National Electrical Contractors Association – Student Chapter, which Thompson Electric has been an active member in NECA for many decades.

Eight years and eight competitions later, the 2016 ELECTRI International Green Energy Challenge Team, which is sponsored by the Iowa Chapter NECA, which Barney Pottebaum, VP and General Manager of Sioux City is the Iowa NECA President.  The team started with 5 members and is now 12 members strong and officially named Cyclone Energy.

What started out with humble beginnings has turned into a winning team with 3 straight first place finishes in the “Green Energy Challenge” in 2014 & 2015 and 2016. Along with the team championships, in 2015, Iowa State NECA Team earns NECA Student Chapter of the Year.

The “Green Energy Challenge” is sponsored by ELECTRI International Foundation and challenges student chapters across the nation to create a proposal for sustainable updates to a building in their community.

ELECTRI International Foundation also sponsors the Student Passport Initiative for NECA Student Chapters, which is a program that NECA Student Chapters compete on green energy projects for international locations.  Past winners have had projects in Honduras, Costa Rica and Ecuador to name a few.  Nick Rol, a project manager for Thompson Electric in Sioux City, was one of the Passport judges this year.

NECA 2016


The 2016 NECA Convention and Tradeshow was held last week in Boston, MA.  NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) or the voice of the electrical industry, is an organization that Thompson Electric has been an active member of for several decades.

Each year NECA has a convention and tradeshow where electrical vendors have the opportunity to introduce and demonstrate new technology and products.  It’s a great opportunity for electrical contractor, such as Thompson Electric, to have discussions with vendors and suppliers on these new products and to also establish new relationships with different suppliers.

This year Skip Perley and Barney Pottebaum attended the convention and tradeshow.  During the show there are many learning opportunities and guest speaker sessions to attend.  Skip and Barney both attended many sessions that focused on customer services and the changing needs of customers and how today’s technology has an impact on their business.  Another session that was informative was the leadership skills and how to develop and implement this training, these were just a couple of the many meetings they attended.

After the convention is over, we have discussions on what was learned from the convention and how to implement the best practices learned into everyday business.

NECA 2015


Last week Barney Pottebaum – VP Sioux City, Brian Spader – VP Sioux Falls, Kevin Lytle – VP Omaha and Skip Perley – CEO all attended the NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) Convention in San Francisco.

This is the 61st year for the NECA Convention and it provides attendees an opportunity to visit nearly 300 exhibitors, showing the new trends and equipment in the electrical industry.  The NECA Convention also offers workshops on a variety of topics, such as LED lighting, best practices in construction, arc flash regulations, future of power tools and many more interesting topics.

This is also a great opportunity to meet with your peers from other electrical firms across the country and share ideas and business opportunities.  It’s always interesting to talk with other electrical contractors to see how Thompson Electric compares to other firms.  What we learn from those discussions is, Thompson Electric is a leader in the industry when it comes to technology in the workplace, as well as, being a leader in the prefabrication of materials for the job-site.

The importance of attending the NECA Convention is paramount to staying on the leading edge in the electrical industry.  Thompson Electric is looked upon as a leader in the industry and it takes visionary leadership and a dedicated family of employees to stay that way.

The wait is over…


The wait is finally over.  What am I talking about?  The new Thompson Electric and TEC Corp web-sites are finally done.  After many months of working on the new web-sites, we went live with them last week.

I hope you’ll enjoy some of the new features on the web-site, such as, the Thompson Electric video, recruiting video and a couple of testimonial videos along with the totally new design for the web-sites.

I want to thank Erin Stabile for the many, many hours she worked with The Gage Team, our web-site designer, providing them with the verbiage, pictures and logos.  A lot of work goes into the creation of a new web-site and Erin did an outstanding job.

So click on the links below and see them for yourself.



Making Thompson Electric your Career…


Thompson Electric is taking a new approach for finding talented people looking for great careers.  The last couple of years we started participating in career days and job fairs, by going to technical colleges, local job fairs and presenting to local high schools, about the benefits and opportunities in the electrical industry.  We’ve had tremendous success in finding talented people at these events.  We wanted to take our recruiting efforts to the next level, so this year we’ve created a video showcasing some of our employees and why Thompson Electric is a great place to work.

For those of us who already work for Thompson, we know the benefits and opportunities of working for Thompson. Below is the video we created to persuade others to come to the Thompson family.

Click on the video and see what our employees say about Thompson Electric.