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Exciting Announcement


On May 22, 2018, Electric Innovations and its sister company Thompson Automation and Specialty Services were brought together as a stronger and even more dynamic technology integration company called Thompson Innovation.

Our strategic plan has always been focused on strengthening the technical capabilities and portfolio of solutions we can offer to our customers. This is another step in fulfilling our Corporate Mission: “To be the prime solution provider as recognized by our employees, customers and the communities we serve.”

Under the direction of General Managers, Tasha Barker and Jason Glover, Thompson Innovation will continue to passionately lead our solutions teams in:

  • Managed IT & Software
  • Life Safety & Security
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Electrical Safety & Preventative Maintenance

The addition of solutions previously provided by Thompson Automation and Specialty Services strengthens our ability to meet current and new customer’s needs as one company. For more information contact Thompson Innovation at 712-224-3800 or visit us at www.thompsoninnovation.net


GEAPS 2017-Crop

Recently, Thompson Automation & Specialty Services participated as an exhibitor, in the National GEAPS (Grain Elevator and Processing Society) Expo in Kansas City, MO.  More than 3000 people from all aspects of the grain industry attended the 3 day event.

Mike Pendergast (Thompson Automation and Specialty Services) and Rob Costello (Thompson Electric) handled the booth duties promoting arc flash awareness, infrared thermal imaging and electrical safety for grain elevators. Thompson Automation and Specialty Services is using these national expos to create awareness of the dangers of electrical hazards in grain handling facilities.  As a result, owners and operators of grain facilities, are now realizing the dangers of electricity and the need for arc flash risk assessments, electrical surveys and training for their employees.

The interest generated by our presence at the GEAPS Expo, and the follow up from our contacts made at the Expo, emphasizes the growing interest in electrical safety and the need for Thompson Automation and Specialty Services to stay active in the grain industry.

Busy time at Thompson Electric…


It’s been a very busy time at Thompson Electric this summer.  There have been a lot of new hires, new offices and new business units for Thompson Electric.

First, we have hired a lot of very talented people to fill some existing positions and also for new positions.  The new positions are Human Resources – TEC Corp, General Manager – Thompson Specialty Services, Office Administrator – Thompson Specialty Services, Administrator Coordinator – Thompson Electric in Sioux City and a new Assistant Service Manager in Sioux Falls and Omaha.

Thompson Electric in Omaha moved into their new office location over Memorial Day and are still getting settled in, while Thompson Electric in Sioux Falls has purchased a new building with the anticipation of moving sometime in September.

Also, we officially started Thompson Specialty Services as its own business unit.  TSS will service and develop new business with arc flash, infrared thermal imaging, preventive maintenance, solar energy and many other opportunities that are being worked on and developed.

Finally, all three offices are extremely busy with work.  So, you can see it has been a busy summer at Thompson Electric and looking ahead, the future looks just as busy.

104 and counting…


A milestone was achieved last week with the 104th (in a row, I might add) blog for Thompson Electric.  It has been two years since we started blogging on a weekly basis.  It seems like it just started yesterday.

During this time, we have tried to tell you some interesting stories about Thompson Electric, our employees and how we participate and give back to the community, as well as, some educational facts about electricity.  As we continue to share our stories with you and keep you informed on the activities of Thompson Electric, I would encourage you to have others sign up for our blog at our web site, www.thompsonelectriccompany.com

I want to personally thank each one of you for reading my blogs and I look forward to expanding our social media network with the release of our new web site, coming very soon.  Thanks again and keep reading.

Kent Grange

End of an ERA:


End of an ERA. A few weeks ago the demolition of the original Thompson Electric offices began. 721 14th street location was the original location for Thompson Electric when they started business in Sioux City back in 1933. Back then it was just a small hardware store with Thompson Electric operating out of the back.  About 2 years ago, TEC Corp, Thompson Electric and Electric Innovations moved offices from 721 14th St., Sioux City to our current location at 2300 7th Street. During the past 2 years TEC Corp was trying to find a suitable buyer for the property.  Last fall a deal was finalized with Family Dollar Store.

The demolition started a couple of weeks ago and the old offices of Electric Innovations was the first to go.

A major part of our company and Sioux City history was created working from that location.  Now we look forward to making our history from our new location.

Thompson Specialty Services


What is Thompson Specialty Services?  Thompson Specialty Services was created to be the brand for Thompson Electric’s Infrared Thermal Imaging, Arc Flash Analysis and Electrical Preventive Maintenance programs.  We wanted to create a separate identity to promote these special services offered by Thompson Electric.

About a month ago, Thompson Electric, hired Gary Kelly to be our full time Infrared Thermographer.  Gary is a certified Thermographer and is responsible for the Infrared Thermal Imaging program, from finding the opportunities to taking the infrared scans and preparing the reports.  Infrared technology captures the energy (heat) emitted by an electrical devise to identify potential problems.

The Arc Flash Analysis program is a team effort with Pat Smith and Gary Kelly.  Pat and Gary work together on marketing, making presentations, to preparing the Arc Flash Analysis report for existing or new clients.  What the Arc Flash program does is to create the safety requirements and the proper personal protection equipment needed to open electrical cabinets or switchgear. 

The leadership of Thompson Electric is looking to expand our existing Electrical Preventive Maintenance program to all existing clients as well as new clients.  This program provides clients with preventive maintenance on all of their electrical equipment including the checking of breakers to the cleaning of all electrical cabinets and gear.

These three services, Infrared Thermal Imaging, Arc Flash Analysis and Electrical Preventive Maintenance, provide our clients with valuable information.  All of these services coincide together, thus Thompson Specialty Services was established.